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James Halliday Wine Companion

1st August 2017

The 2019 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion has been released, with Paringa receving some terrific reviews.

It's that time of year again. After 12 months of mulling over previous vintage wine scores from Australia's most recognised wine critic James Halliday, the 2019 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion is here.

Paringa Estate has maintained it's position as one of the Mornington Peninsula's finest wineries, once again being recognised as a "5 Red Star" producer and one of only 7 "Red Named" producers in the region. The "5 Red Stars" respresent that Paringa have at least two wines rated at 95 points or above in the 2019 companion (7 in fact), and had a five-star rating for the previous two years. The "Red Name" acknowledges Paringa for having long track record of excellence, "truly the best of the best".

The scores given for Paringa's wines represent a lot of hard work put in both the vineyard and the winery to produce wines of exceptional quality as well as the terrific recent vintages on the Peninsula.

A detailed list of scores and tasting notes from the 2019 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion can be found in the "Reviews" section of our site, under James Halliday Wine Companion 2019