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Langton's Classification VI

Langton's Classification VI has been released and includes 2 Paringa Estate Wines

The eagerly anticipated and highly regarded Langton's Classification of Australian Wine VI has been released. The classification was set up by quality wine auction house Langton's, as a form guide to Australia’s finest wines. Entry into the Classification is based on a wine’s reputation and track record at auction.

We at Paringa were fortunate to be included in the classification for the first time in 2010 (Classification V), for our Single Vineyard Pinot and Single Vineyard Shiraz. The reworked classication VI released in 2014, now includes only 3 categories or groupings- Exceptional, Outstanding and Excellent. Paringa remains one of only two Mornington Peninsula wineries to have entries in the classification along with Main Ridge Estate and is the only Mornington Peninsula winery to have more than one wine in the classifcation.

In the classication VI, our Single Vineyard Pinot has been included in the "Outstanding" category, which requires all wines to be "benchmark quality wines with a very strong market following". 

Our Single Vineyard Shiraz has been included in the "Excellent" category, which requires all wines to be "high performing wines of exquisite quality with solid volume of demand".

Purchases of these acclaimed wines can be compeleted through our online store.

Further explanation of the classification can be found on the Langton's website.