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Matthew Jukes Top 100

1st June 2017

Acclaimed UK wine critic Matthew Jukes has released his Top 100 Australian wines 2017/18 which includes 2 Paringa Estate wines

"There is a special place in heaven for this pair of wines. 2015 Peninsula Shiraz and 2015 Peninsula Pinot Noir are both epic wines. This rangeperforms miracles at tastings where either wine, when poured, manages to be memorable not only for its variety, its maker and the brand, but also for its the region, the State and the entire country. These wines are walking adverts for Australian vinous genius. People want to go to Paringa, in Mornington, near Melbourne, in Victoria, in Australia. I am told this by people all of the time. This is not because Lindsay McCall pays for prime time TV ads or massive billboards in Times Square but because every single one of his wines is a fully paid up ambassador for his business and therefore everything else that surrounds it. Taste the wines – you will understand in a moment. If you have tasted them before then wait until you see these 2015s – they are even more honed and polished than you will recall. The Pinot is daring, intense, brooding and aromatic while the Shiraz / Viognier is scented, vigorous, knavish and ever so slightly untrustworthy. You can climb the Paringa ladder to the top and you will love every wine you encounter, but this year I am firmly".