Sample Menu

Paringa Estate Cheese Menu

Casa Madaio Cinerino Di Fossa

Made using 100% sheep’s milk cheese from Campania in Italy, this pecorino cheese is coated in the ash from local Myrtle Tree’s and left to mature in the natural ditches (fossa) of the region. The Myrtle gives the cheese a herbal and myrtle note, while the aging process adds a nutty, grassy note.

L’Artisian Organic Rouge

100% cow’s milk cheese from Timboon in Victoria, this semi hard washed rind has a bright orange rind. Strong pungent flavours, yet complex with a surprising oozy texture when ripe.

Montgomery Cheddar

Made from cow’s milk, this English cloth bound cheddar has been matured for 12 months. It’s deep rich, nutty flavour has won worldwide acclaim.

Red Hill Cheese, Venus Blue

Made from 100% sheep’ milk from South Gippsland, the wheels have a grey-white rind with a moderate spread of blue cavities. The mouthfeel is mild and creamy with a soft finish typical of sheep’s milk.

1 cheese (50 grams) $14
3 cheeses (30 grams each) $24
4 cheeses (30 grams each) $32

Sample Tasting Menu

Friday & Saturday


Sea herbs, ink risotto

Garden Pea
Pea ice-cream, feta, black garlic 

Clarence River prawns
Peach, chorizo

John Dory
Mussels, wheat, green strawberry

Suckling pig
Morcilla, mustard fruit

Dry aged lamb
Sour onion, blood plum

Celery, hazelnut

Roast cherries, milk sorbet


Five course tasting menu at $80 per person
Paired with matching wines at $40 per person

Eight course tasting menu at $110 per person
Paired with matching wines at $60 per person